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Adobe Premier Pro 2023


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    Adobe Premiere Pro 2023

    Adobe Premiere Pro is video editing software that lets you create high-quality content for film production, television, marketing videos, and more. It offers advanced features for editing, color correction, audio mixing and visual effects, allowing users to create dynamic and engaging videos.

    New Features

    Autosave in the background

    Edit with peace of mind with an improved autosave in Premiere Pro. Autosave works in the background and can be set to save in short one-minute increments.

    Export directly to Adobe Media Encoder

    A new menu item and keyboard shortcut allows editors to send the sequence directly to Media Encoder for export, bypassing the export mode.

    Easy access to recently used presets in export mode

    The Preset menu in Export mode now shows the last three presets exported, making it easier to quickly apply them to other sequences, clips or projects.

    Drag and drop project items into Productions

    Use drag and drop to move assets and sequences between projects in production. To copy an item, hold down Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) as you drag.

    GPU acceleration for split transition

    The split transition provides a stylized effect where the first clip splits and the two halves move offscreen, revealing the next clip.

    New Learning panel

    Try the new Learning panel to easily navigate and access personalized tutorials. With greater content customization, you can create your play queue to complete your learning courses at any time.

    Import Animation Templates more easily

    When importing Motion Graphics templates into a project, a new dialog will guide you through the process of adding to your libraries in the Essential Graphics panel.

    system requirements

    Software Functions: Video Editing

    Supported operating system names: Windows

    Supported operating system editions: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit)

    Minimum processor requirement: 1 GHz

    Minimum RAM requirement: 8GB

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